Night To Shine 2021

Bogdan celebrating Night to Shine 2021

One of my favorite Bible passages is Romans 8:38-39  38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Just as Paul assured us nothing in this world or the next could separate us from the love of God, I knew nothing this year could throw at us would stop us from showering God’s love on people with special needs. Night to Shine was going to happen even if it had to look very different than last year.

Our virtual Night to Shine of 2021 was an amazing opportunity to let all our special guests know how much they are loved by our creator. We had an amazing group of volunteers, who helped us write encouraging personal messages on all our crowns, and put together an awesome backpack full of party favors for every guest.

We had 75 special guests this year, and Lena and I enjoyed delivering those gifts to the Cerebral Palsy Center, the Boy’s House orphanage and the school for the hearing impaired. Plus we delivered quite a few personally to people’s homes as well as mailed some to people who lived in other regions of Ukraine.

To make our event even more special, we asked many kids to send us videos of them showing their talent. We gathered our volunteers to record some camp sing along songs and made a fun video for all the kids to watch alongside the Official Night to Shine video from the Tim Tebow Foundation which included a virtual red carpet and speciall messages from Carrie Underwood, Charles Barkley, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Pacquiao, Thomas Rett, Bethany Hamiliton, Shawn Johnson and so many more.

Enjoy our Night to Shine Video

On the evening of Friday February 12th, the kids dressed up, put on their crowns, and watched both videos and celebrated from home. Afterward, many joined us in a big online group chat, and it was a blast seeing everyone dressed up and hearing the kids share what they liked most, and compliment and encourage all those who showed their talents. Every kid was named a King or Queen of the ball, because that’s how God sees them each and every day. Take a look at all our royalty!

This was an amazing event and I am so thankful to God for blessing this event. I want to thank all our volunteers, especially Pastor Kostya and Church of Christ for sponsoring the event, and of course the Tim Tebow Foundation for leading the charge on this global event to have Valentine’s day not just be a celebration of love, but a celebration of God’s love for people with special needs. We cannot wait for next year, where we hope to have the biggest Night to Shine prom yet!! If you would like to support Joy 4 Ukraine to help us do ministries like Night to Shine, summer camps and so much more, please visit here for more information.

Lena and I will be speaking at quite a few congregations in the US during the month of March, we hope to see many of you.

God bless,


Joy 4 Ukraine this Christmas!

As many of you know, my heart is to bring the joy of the Gospel into the lives of orphans and children with special needs in Ukraine. One of my favorite ways to bring joy around Christmas is through home visits as Father Frost alongside Snegurochka (the Snowmaiden).

On a beautiful snowy day we enjoyed bringing gifts to the homes of some kids who are treasures to us, and even greater treasures our Lord. As I look ahead to Night to Shine and many more opportunities to bring joy into the lives of children with special needs, I’m excited to announce our new organization, under which we’ll get to do some amazing ministry in the years to come. Check out our new logo!

Many thanks to Rachel Brokenshire for the design!

At the heart of the Reformation is the good news that we are freely justified for Christ’s sake, through faith. At Christmas time this good news brings us great joy and I’m excited to share that joy with the people of Ukraine. Even during this time of coronavirus, we have been blessed to do some small groups, youth get togethers, online worship services, skype calls with the orphanges and more.

If you would like to support Joy 4 Ukraine in bringing joy to the lives of orphans and children with special needs, find out how here.

God bless and Merry Christmas!


I am excited to share some news about a new chapter in our ministry in Ukraine. God brought me to Ukraine, this is where my heart is, and where I look forward to serving for years to come. This month is my last month working as a chaplain for God’s Hidden Treasures. It has been an amazing six and half years and God has accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed or imagined. I’m so thankful to Nita who introduced me to Ukraine, a country that’s now forever in my heart and to the GHT staff who have been a wonderful office family for me. I know God has more amazing things in store for us in Ukraine.

I will be continuing to work as a missionary in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine, bringing joy into the lives of children with special needs. I’m excited to continue to share the hope of Jesus Christ through camps, Night to Shine, orpahage visits, working with the school for deaf children, worship services, youth group and so much more.

To make all this possible, I’m partnering with the Spiritual Orphans Network. We are now an official associate ministry with their organization. Spiritual Orphans Network was formerly the East European Missions Network and I know many of you have been familiar with their work and the fantastic missionaries and local ministries they support that are doing God’s work across the globe. Their heart to connect spiritual orphans to the global family of Christ through building relationships and missionary outreach truly aligns with how I’ve felt God calling me to serve the people of Ukraine.

I look forward to bringing joy into the lives of children, youth and their families for years to come. I’m excited to share more with you about the work I’ll be doing and the new organization we’re forming here in Bila Tserkva. Look for another big news post about that coming soon. For now, as we make this transition in our lives to working with Spiritual Orphans Network, I ask for your prayers. If you would also prayerfully consider supporting us at this time of transition during this difficult year for the whole globe, we would be beyond grateful. To those who have been supporting us, we are so thankful for all you do and hope you will continue to do so.

As of the first of December, please send your support for us to Spiritual Orphans Network instead of God’s Hidden Treasures. You can give online by selecting SON Associate Ministry – Ukraine Scott Yount under the specify funds option on the Spiritual Orphans Network giving page at the following link.

Or you may make a check out to Spiritual Orphans Network with Scott Ukraine in the memo and send it to 

Spiritual Orphans Network

8210 Louisiana Blvd NE, Suite B

Albuquerque, NM 87113

Learn more about SON at

In 1 Peter chapter 1, Peter writes Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

Our hope is to bring inexpressible joy into the lives of youth with special needs in Ukraine. This kind of joy comes through faith in Christ and the good news of salvation by grace alone through faith alone. For now, we are looking to bring that joy as we are planning a virtual Night to Shine prom for children with special needs with the Tim Tebow Foundation, and as we do smaller youth group gatherings, and home visits during this time of Covid. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

God bless,

Pastor Scott and Lena

Making a difference!

At camp we played an acting game, where two players would pass an invisible orange back and forth to each other that would get bigger every time, until it was just too big to carry. Andre has been coming to our camps for 16 years, we’ve seen him grow up before our eyes, and yet he still amazes me time after time. His acting when the orange was just so big, that it flattened him, was Oscar worthy.

In our Bible study as I was explaining to the moms this game that we play with their children, showing them a video of Andre’s acting, it really hit me just how much that invisible orange, is like God’s gift of grace to us.

We were talking about the Apostle Paul, who even after he met the Lord Jesus on the Road to the Damascus, was forgiven and received God’s call to preach the Gospel to the gentiles; and even after he was arrested for preaching that gospel on many ocasions, received beatings and lashings, he still considered himself the chief of sinners. As he grew in his faith, he grew in his understanding of just how sinful he was, and how much bigger is God’s gift of grace.

Yes as Christians, grace is like that orange, every day we realize this amazing free gift of salvation from God, that we did not earn or deserve, but have simply received by grace through faith, is a little bigger, until that love of God overwhelms us.

Andre and Scott

Of course it is our hope that all our campers understand how deep, how high and how wide is the love of our amazing God. I’m happy to have the opportunity to share that love with the people of Ukraine.

Praise the Lord! We are blessed to be back to doing home wheelchair deliveries. Since the beginning of the pandemic family members were coming to pick up wheelchairs and walkers from our office, but now we have resumed our in home ministry taking all the precautions we can. I had the chance to deliver some wheelchairs and walkers with Valeriy and Ruslan. In this home a woman had been given a wheelchair that was not even close to being the right size for her.

Thankfully, Ruslan was able to fit a new wheelchair for her perfectly, as Valeriy took time to get to know her and her family needs. I’m thankful to be able to work with our team as every person who receives a mobility aid hears of Christ’s love for them.

Sasha with me and Lena at our GHT camp

If you would like to support Pastor Scott as a missionary in Ukraine, you can write a check to God’s Hidden Treasures with Pastor Scott written in the memo and send it to

God’s Hidden Treasures
Nita Hanson
Attention- Vicki
3321 SW 39th St.
Ocala, FL 34474

A Decade of Ministry!

Ukraine played a huge role in this last decade of my life.  In fact I spent more of the decade in Ukraine than anywhere else!  I have been so blessed to be a part of the ministry of God’s Hidden Treasures, I wanted to share my favorite Ukrainian photo from each year of this decade!



In 2010, I made my second trip to Ukraine. I was serving my vicarage at Ascenscion Lutheran Church  in Waterloo, Iowa.  Here I’m having some fun with Yaroslav Kulagin.  I’ve been blessed to see Yarik grow up to become a strong Christian and awesome soccer player!  After volunteering at this summer camp, I knew I wanted to see these children again!



In this photo I’m kneeling with Alina, Masha and Anya.  Three awesome girls who bring so much joy to our camps.  They would become my Ukrainian family!



Roma has been a blessing in my life.  He has an amazing smile, and is a very patriotic Ukrainian.  He asks that we pray for the Ukrainian president every evening at camp!


2013 Andrei

This photo is priceless.  Andrei has been to every one of our camps.  The whole decade he has dominated me at arm wrestling.  Maybe I’ll have more success in the next decade.


2014 vashavanka

This was a special year of camp.  This was my first camp as a full time missionary in Ukraine, the first camp after the war in Ukraine began, we had no American teams this summer, but God worked powerfully through a team of Ukrainian camp counselors!  This photo was taken on my 30th birthday!


2015 Marta

Marta is the sweetest!  I’m so glad she has come to our camp, I wish Marta and her family lived closer, so I could see them more, but I’m always happy to see her at camp!  She has so much talent, I love hearing her sing and read poems.


2016 team

One of my favorite years of camp.  Having my Iowa family come and meet my Ukrainian family, oh and by the way, first camp with my future wife Lena!


2017 Wedding

Only one thing can top a camp photo, and that is a wedding photo!  I’m so lucky to have Lena as my amazing wife.  I didn’t think anything could top our parties at camp, but a Ukrainian wedding took it to a new level.  Endless food, dancing, games, gypsies kidnapping my bride, all kinds of craziness, and having my family come to Ukraine made it even better, could any party top this?


2018 night to shine bogdan 2

In terms of energy, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel a party top Night to Shine, the prom for children with special needs we did with the Tim Tebow Foundation in 2018.  It was an amazing night, where each guest received the VIP treatment and named the King or Queen of the ball.


2019 camp photo

What an amazing way to finish off the decade, this was the first year we were able to invite children from the deaf community.  Another new way God’s Hidden Treasures has grown as I now get to visit these kids at the school for the deaf every week.

God has blessed me beyond measure this decade.  So many camps, VBS at the Boy’s orphanage, a new wife and a wonderful new Ukrainian family.  I can’t wait to see what God will bring in 2020 and beyond!  Thanks for reading.  If you would like to support my ministry in Ukraine in the decade to come you can visit this link.

Thank you and God bless,


Night To Shine!

On Friday February 9th, God’s Hidden Treasures hosted Night To Shine a prom for people with special needs sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.  This is a worldwide movement celebrating God’s love for people with special needs with over 90,000 guests honored in 16 countries.  We were so privileged to bring this celebration to Ukraine and it was a fantastic night of joy, dancing, food, singing, and so much more.  The best part, was at the end of the night, every guest was named the king or queen of the ball and given a special crown or tiara.


The night began with hair and makeup.  Lillia from our office did an amazing job organizing different hair stylists from around the city to come and do free makeovers for all our female guests.  One of our guests Masha Klipach spent the whole time in the makeup chair sharing that it had been her dream to have her hair and makeup done for a red carpet event.  It brought smiles to all the volunteers.  Following hair and makeup everyone took a limo ride to the cafe where our event was held.



At our location there was a red carpet, with fans and paparazzi waiting for the arrival of our guests.  Every guest was partnered with a buddy for the night.  We had  amazing volunteers who helped make the night extra special.  Each guest went down the red carpet to cheers and applause.  From there we opened with prayer and kicked off our night of festivities.  There was a big dance floor, and a huge buffet table that the guests were free to visit all night long!  Throughout the night of dancing, we would take some breaks where many of our guests shared their talent by singing songs, reciting poems or even playing an instrument.



The celebration climaxed with the crowning ceremony.  Romans 8 tells us we are God’s children, and because we are His children, we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.  It was my privilege to announce that they were all kings and queens of the prom because that is how God sees each and every one of them.  As they received their crowns, confetti dropped from above which capped off a night none of these guests will forget.

I am amazed at how God worked through this event.  His love for all people shined. That love was made known to every person who walked through those doors.  New friends were made, old friends were reunited.  An event like this would not have been possible without a lot of help.  God’s Hidden Treasures staff put in countless hours organizing and preparing for this prom.  We had a volunteer chef with a huge group of kitchen volunteers from local churches who helped make all the food.  We had volunteers helping kids in and out of the limos and in and out of the event hall. We had over 75 volunteers who signed up to be buddies for our guests.  These were some of our former campers, who also help with our summer camps, others were volunteers from local churches as well as volunteers from the Red Cross Ukraine.  In all, we had over 120 volunteers.  For them, I am so grateful.

There is so much more to say about this event.  I look forward to sharing more stories from the kids and volunteers themselves.  Please check out our Facebook page to see even more of the photos!

Night to Shine is Coming!!

God's Hidden Treasures Church of Hope Social Media Post

Hey everyone, this Friday we will host Night to Shine, a prom for people with special needs.    All the preparations are coming together, and the excitement is through the roof.  I’ve been listening to our guests for months talk about what suits and dresses they’re going to where, what colors they are picking.  They are ready for Night to Shine.  We are so excited to work with the Tim Tebow Foundation to bring this event to Ukraine.

Please, be praying for all of our honored guests, as well as all the volunteers who will make this night possible.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this event, to demonstrate His love for people with special needs.



God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Christmas is always a special time here at God’s Hidden Treasures.  We take on the big endeavor of visiting every person new to our organization that year.  All year we have been giving out wheelchairs and mobility aids. Our doctor and nurse have been visiting new stroke patients.  We have new families who have come to our summer camps.   Well now we have a chance to see them again while bringing some joy into their homes for Christmas.  We visit over 200 families during this time of year.  I had the pleasure of being Father Frost on Tuesday December 26th, and we visited 20 homes that day.


On these visits, Father Frost and his grandaughter, Snegurochka (the Snowmaiden) enter the home with a bag of gifts.  We greet them with a song or a Christmas verse.  Then we tell them they have to work for their gifts.  If they want their present they have to sing a Christmas song or recite a verse from a Christmas poem.  This is a Ukrainian tradition, most children have memorized verses to recite for the holiday.  If they can’t remember any, we just invite them to sing along with us.

Many of the visits are times of great joy, with lots of smiles and laughs. Other visits can be very hard, we have many people living in very difficult situations with no family to help them.  We have to wait for neighbors to come to open up their apartment and let us in, because they can’t get out of bed themselves.  These people love the opportunity to talk with someone.

IMG_20171228_131025 It takes our staff as wells as many volunteers to make these visits happen.  Above is Valeera one of our staff members and Nastya one of our volunteers getting ready to go out to make visits.

We also visited the Boy’s House Orphanage in Bila Tserkva.  Here we sang songs, and enjoyed sharing the Christmas story along with crafts of Jesus’ birth.  We look forward to a trip with the kids from the orphanage to Kiev early next month after Christmas in Ukraine (January 7th)


We at God’s Hidden Treasures want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We thank you for all your prayers and support.  Please be praying for Nita as she begins a speaking tour in California in January, as well as for all the remaining people we will be visiting this week.

God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures


Yesterday, we took children with special needs from Bila Tserkva to Kidlandia in Kiev.  It is a small town for children where they can try their hand at different professions in the city.  Our kids were firefighters, police officers, dentists, pizza chefs and many other professions for one day.


The kids had a wonderful time going around the city and trying many different jobs while earning Kidlandia dollars which they could spend at the Kidlandia Toy Store.  Even better, a parent came with each kid and got to enjoy watching their children enjoy the town.

We would like to thank the Friends From Norway charity who helped sponsor this Christmas trip for the children.  We look forward to another trip in January with the children from the Boy’s Orphanage.  We also would like to thank McDonald’s who gave free Happy Meals to all the kids that were thoroughly enjoyed on the bus ride home.


The man on the right side with the grey briefcase in his hand is Valeera Guk.  He is  is our newest staff member, he helped lead the excursion and along with the other volunteers helped get the kids in and out of the bus.   Many of you already know his wife Marina, who has been working for us for many years.

This is a busy time of year for God’s Hidden Treasures, we have begun our Father Frost annual Christmas visits to each new family.  I look forward to sharing the photos with you on our next blog post.

God bless and Merry Christmas to all,

God’s Hidden Treasures



Church of Hope!


October 29th, 2017 marked a very special day for God’s Hidden Treasures.  It was the first worship service at our very own Church of Hope.  Our goal has always been that a wheelchair, walker, or any aid given to a person or family, would be just the first step in our being involved in their lives.  Having a church where we can continue to minister to and disciple these families is a dream come true.

It was so great to see many families who attend our summer camps for children.  Following the service we had fellowship time with tea and a cake commemorating our first service and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

During the service we sang worship songs in Russian and Ukrainian,  heard some Bible lessons as well as a sermon from the text of Matthew 14 with Jesus walking on water.  Following the sermon we joined in the Apostle’s Creed and the Lord’s Prayer and held an offering to raise support for food packets for families in need.

Please be praying for our church.  We are the Church of Hope.  God’s Hidden Treasures has been bringing hope to the forgotten of Ukraine for over 20 years and now we will bring hope every Sunday through preaching Jesus Christ, who died for our sins on the cross, and gave his life so that we might have life eternal.  In him we have hope that can overcome anything we face in this world.

Our second service was held the following Sunday, on the 5th of November.  Here is Nita sharing a message about building your life on the rock, Jesus Christ.


Pray for all the families who will be attending, especially during winter as it become much harder for the moms to get their children out of the house and around the city. Pray for our driver who is picking up people in wheelchairs throughout the city, that they would be safe every Sunday.

We also have another important prayer request for Masha.  Her and her son Sasha have attended every one of our camps.  She has recently had two operations on her back and needs a third operation to remove painful gallstones.   She is delaying the operation because she cannot afford it.  Please pray that the Lord will provide for her and Sasha and if you are interested in helping contact me at

Here are some photos of Masha and Sasha at camp.  Thank you for your prayers!

God’s Hidden Treasures